So Christmastime has come and gone and boy did I enjoy it!!! I got all of the thigns I wanted. I got a Cd player for my truck which is awesome cuz my radio didn't even work!! I got an air bed for my new townhouse which is amazingly comfortable and I also got some other stuff for my house, fun fun fun!! The best thing though really was my grandmother being home. The Saturday a week before Christmas she had a heart attack and was in the hospital for a couple days. Things like that really make you wake up and realize how important family and friends are and what really makes the holidays special!! I LOVE IT!!!

Anyways, sorry it has been so tremendously long since I wrote. I guess it really hasn't been as long as it seems but long enough. Holidays are just so busy!! So now, I am preparing to make the long 12 hour trip to VA in a couple weeks and I am very exctied but kinda sad to leave. So...if anybody wants to get together, let me know cuz I will be sad if no one wants to hnag out before I leave!! Let me know New Years plans, something fun needs to happen!! Holler!!

So, I was frustrated and now everything is fine!!

I was scared about the lease situation and getting a co0sigenr and everything but I trusted God and He handled everything in His timing. I got all stressed out really over nothing

Now All I have to trust God about is my financial situation. I know He will handle it because He has before and He has my best interest at heart. I am so blessed to have Him in control of my life and to understand that He knows what it best and I can trust in Him completely!!

It's the happ...happiest season of all!!! Or at least it is supposed to be! So far, it is bringing me a somewhat feeling of sadness. Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying the Christmas season and everything but I am actually praying that it doesn't come as fast as it usually does. The thing is, if it does come fast then that means that I have to leave sooner and I am excited about where God is taking me but I am not excited about leaving what is going on in my life/church/hometown. I am gonna miss it a LOT (sorry Mrs. Crowe)!!!

I just started going to a new church and I am so glad God brought me here. [Oaklawn Baptist: we put camo on our license plates] The fellowship is amazing and God is teaching me so much through His messengers. There are some really AMAZING people here and I am not excited about leaving them. In the past 3 months I have gained MANY new friends and rekindled a couple old friendships that were on the rocks (YAY!!). I LOVE GOD!!! He is so amazing and I know that He has a lot in store for me in Lynchburg, VA at Liberty University but I am going to really miss all my new friends, my old friends, and the things He is doing in all of their/our lives.

So, I am really focusing on really getting the entire "experience" out of this holiday season...more than ever before. Hey, we are supposed to strive to make ourselves better than the day before. I really don't want to get hung up in the gift-giving and party-going idea of it all. Instead, I want to meditate on Why Christ was born (which is the reason we celebrate anyway, huh?) and ask Him to help me grow and not take advantage and fall into the hustle and bustle (or Flow, whatever).

Anyways, take time this holiday season and really think about why you celebrate. Don't miss out on what God has in store for you by focusing on what is so easy to get lost in!!

And to all my friends that I am going to miss dearly (and who like to remind me that I am leaving soon and that ya'll aren't happy about it...) Lets make this one special...and not because you're glad I am leaving, you can party when I am gone! (Just don't let me know, cuz I'll cry)


Tonight I had Butterfinger Hot chocolate for the first time ever...and must I say, it is pretty good!! The best part though was being able to fellowship with my pastor and his family.
It really is important to be able to sit and just talk to your pastor. I love being able to do that!! I understand that my pastor really cares about me and the rest of the members of our church. He prays fervently for us and wants us to be living as close to God's will as possible and he is willing to help us in whatever way he can. I cannot say that I have experienced anything like that in a pastor before. He puts himself on our level, he is real, and he takes a strong stand for what he believes and for the will of God. That is awesome!!!
So...Bro. Ken, if you are reading this...Thank You!! Thak you for surrendering your life to do God's work and for dedicating your time and your all to do it the way He wants you to! Thank you for making a difference in my life!

And to all those others reading this...take some advice from me...I am inspired by my pastor to strive to take a stand and to do everything I can to become a better champion for Christ each and every day!!

So, I have been looking for a job and I am so frustrated right now. I need money for school!! So, if you are reading this, and you care about me, (or not, hey). Would you send out a prayer for me that God's will would be done!! That would be wonderful!!!


So, sorry I haven't written in a while, I am a slacker, or maybe I have just been busy. So I am in a play for my church and I am supposed to be a pregnant woman. I haven't even done the play yet and I am getting a kick out of this!!
I was looking for a shirt that I could fit my pillow under and I just happen to run into all kinds of people I know, LOL. So they were like when's the baby due (like I would be the person they expected to get pregnant). Anyway, its funny. I was walking through the living room with my costume on and my grandfather was like glarig at me and he said that it just makes him sick to his stomach to see me like that. So anyway, my fun will be ending after tomorrow night but anyway!!
If you know me and wanna see me preggers come to Oaklawn tom. night at 6, it is a funny play, HOLLER!