ok, so I find myself constantly confused by the world and why people do the stupid things they do. BTW, I am including myself in "people"!!! Why is it that no matter how many times God tells us something, we seem to constantly veer in the direction of what we want to do and away from what He tells us to do!!!
HELLO!!! aren't we supposed to be trying to live the Christian life? sometimes I feel like no matter how much we let others percieve that we want to live for Christ that is almost not in our thoughts or intentions at all!! We need to wake up and do what is right to better ourselves for Christ every day!!

My prayer is that we are constant encouragement to each other as Christians and that God delivers us from our stupidity!

Sorry it seems like it has been so long! I have been in the proces of moving to VA and I don't have internet right now so I have to go to school to ge online! Just thought I would let anyone who cares know!!! I will be writing more sooner or later! Peace Out Dogs!

I am so confused and excited and frustrated and sad all at the same time!!

The holidays have been so wonderful, Christmas was really good considering that my grandmother had just got out of the hospital and has been doing really well ever since. I also got a bunch of cool stuff for my new house which is awesome cuz that is less money that I have to spend. New Years was alot of fun too except that I got a little bruised up from shooting the shotgun, but it's all good. Who ever said you can't have fun without drinking? not me!!

Anyway, that brings me to my next emotion. I am really frustrated with people. Not just people in general, but moreso Christians and those who call themselves Christians. Why does it seem like it is so easy for people to come to church and hang out with their Christian friends and say the right things and then live in a way that proves the exact opposite? I don't understand. I know we are all humans and we have choices and we make mistakes but I guess I am speaking of the people I know, or at least thought I knew. It seems like even though I have a really close relationship with someone and they share with me their hopes and dreams and beliefs and I know that from the way they talk, they have Jesus in their hearts, but yet they go and literally live like hell and don't think twice. I don't get it. I don't see how it is soo hard. It isn't that hard for me. I guess when it really comes down to it, it is basically a questions of what is more important to you and your life? Is living your life to the fullest from the world's view most important? Or is it more important for you to better yourslef everyday according to God's standards?Is it important for you to have a lot of friends that you can party with and have so called fun with and they think you are cool for the moment? Or is it important for you to have a few friends that you know will always be there for you and better than that will lift you up and cause you to be a better person? Is it important for you to have temporary pleasure and happiness? Or is it important for you to have lifetime fulfillment and never be "thirsty"? I just wish that people would take a stand for the body of Christ and the fact that we have a Savior and we are called to live for Him and if you are not going to live for Him, don't claim to be one of His children, it gives us a bad name!!

I am also frustrated with my friends cuz it seems like everyone is changing and that sucks, I miss everyone!! A LOT!! (sorry Mrs. Crowe)

Ok, I will move on now...

So I am excited and sad all at the same time...this is because I am moving (temporarily). I am going back to Lynchburg, VA to re-take a class that I didn't do so well in the firts time around. I am excited because I really love it up there and I am going to have fun. There are a lot of my friends up there that I miss a lot and I can't wait to hang out with. And I am moving into a townhouse which is really exciting (off-campus baby!!) with some really cool girls by the way!! But then again, I am sad. This past few months have been really amazing. I have changed churches and in the process met some really amazing people and it is really sad to leve. Especially since I know how mucch God is working in the church and I want to be a part of that.

So, like I said, lots of mixed emotiong flying around!! If anyone is reading this and cares or we just ahven't hung out in a while, call em cuz I miss you and I wanna hang out before I leave!! Love Ya'll!!!!!!!

~*~PeAcE oUt...TuNa!!!~*~