So, lately I have been perplexed as to the reason(s) it is so difficult for me to do the things in life that mke sense. Like, why is it so hard for me to open my heart to the Savior who is my Father and sent His ONLY son to die for me and my pathetic self and all my sins? Why is it so easy for me to go along with my day to day life and get wrapped up in the trivial things and the things that will not last? I know that He is the ONLY thing that is best for me and that He knows better than I do about everything. I know He is in control and I know that without Him I am nothing and can do nothing but with Him I can do all things. So why is it so hard to grasp the idea that He is Lord of all and He deserves our everything? I don’t know but I can say that everytime I come to this bump in the road I get smacked in the face (not literally of course) by God and the reality that my life and all the things in it will flow much more smoothly and I will be happier if I trust in Him and fully rely on Him. Easier said than done, huh?